Argan Oil for Colored Hair

Hair Coloring and Care: The Transformative Power of Argan Oil
written by SOPHIA RUD

written by SOPHIA RUD

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Coloring your hair is a delightful way to express yourself, whether it’s a bold new shade, highlights, or a trendy balayage. However, the beauty of colored hair often comes with a price – potential damage and the need for careful maintenance. In this journey, enter Argan Oil, a precious elixir revered for its exceptional conditioning properties. Let’s explore how this liquid gold from Morocco can be the savior your colored locks need.

The Impact of Hair Coloring

When it comes to coloring, your hair may face some consequences, depending on the process. Most hair coloring involves oxidative dyes, which can stress the hair and cause damage over time. The use of chemicals like ammonia and peroxide in permanent hair dye is a common culprit.

Ammonia alters the hair’s pH, lifting the cuticle and allowing color to penetrate the inner layer. However, it leaves the hair dry and prone to damage. Peroxide, used for lightening, can strip the natural color, affecting the hair’s body and flexibility. Frequent coloring without proper care can lead to dryness, frizz, and split ends, and may even cause allergic reactions.

It’s not just your hair; your scalp, with oil glands vital for hair health, can be affected too. The chemicals in hair dye add stress to these oil glands, impacting the hair’s overall health and vitality.

Regardless of your chosen color treatment, proper hair care is crucial for maintaining health and color vibrancy.

Argan Oil: A Miracle for Hair Maintenance

Argan oil emerges as the solution to balance the scales between vibrant hair color and healthy locks. Harvested from the nuts of the Argania Spinosa trees in Morocco, this oil has been a staple for generations, providing well-nourished hair and body.

Benefits of Argan Oil:

  1. Moisturization: Argan oil moisturizes the hair, preventing dryness and damage.
  2. UV Damage Prevention: It acts as a shield against heat and UV damage.
  3. Frizz Control: Keeps frizz at bay, maintaining a sleek appearance.
  4. Color Preservation: Preserves the pigments in colored hair for lasting vibrancy.

The Magic Components: Fatty Acids and Vitamin E

Argan oil’s richness in fatty acids, particularly linoleic and oleic acids, hydrates the hair’s cuticle layer, adding moisture to treated hair. Vitamin E works on the cortex layer, repairing and strengthening weakened and brittle strands. This dynamic duo revitalizes your hair texture, leaving it nourished and resilient.

Minerals for Scalp Penetration

The minerals in argan oil – calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin B – penetrate the scalp, providing essential nutrients to the roots. This promotes not only healthy hair but also supports hair growth.

A single treatment with argan oil can restore your hair’s luster, reduce frizz, and impart a luxurious silky feel, making it an essential component in your hair care routine.

Argan Oil in Color Maintenance

Before the Coloring Process

Prepare your hair for the coloring process by using argan oil. This pre-treatment strengthens and hydrates your hair, preventing further damage from hair dye.

How to Use Argan Oil Before Coloring:

  1. Massage a few drops into your scalp 30 minutes before showering.
  2. Comb through from scalp to tip.
  3. Rinse out with shampoo/conditioner.

After the Coloring Process

Post-coloring care is equally important. Maintain your hair’s moisture to protect your new color from fading.

Using Argan Oil After Coloring – Deep Conditioner:

  1. Mix 2-3 drops of argan oil with your conditioner.
  2. Condition as usual.
  3. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse.

Using Argan Oil After Coloring – Leave-In Conditioner:

  1. Warm one drop of oil in your palms.
  2. Comb through wet hair, reaching the tips.
  3. Add one drop to your fingertips and massage into your scalp.

Regular use of argan oil as a serum can further help maintain pigment and keep your hair smooth between salon treatments.

Check our Argan Oil Hair Color Chart

How to Use Argan Oil as a Serum:

  1. Apply a few drops to your palms.
  2. Comb through wet hair before blow-drying.
  3. After drying, add one drop to your hands and comb through your hair.

In conclusion, Argan oil is a transformative elixir that not only rejuvenates colored hair but also ensures its longevity. Make it an integral part of your hair care routine, and let your vibrant hair shine.

This comprehensive guide covers the essentials of using Argan Oil for colored hair, from pre-treatment to post-color care. With its myriad benefits, this liquid gold from Morocco is your go-to solution for maintaining the health and vibrancy of your colored locks.

Explore the magic of Argan oil and elevate your hair care routine to new heights!

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