Argan Oil Hair Color Chart

Argan Oil Permanent Hair Color 3CH Dark Chocolate Brown
written by SOPHIA RUD

written by SOPHIA RUD

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Argan oil has emerged as a powerhouse in the realm of hair care, offering not only nourishment and shine but also influencing hair color. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Argan oil hair color chart, addressing common questions and shedding light on its transformative effects.

What is the Ratio of Argan Oil to Hair Color?

The ratio of argan oil to hair color can vary based on the specific product you’re using. However, a general guideline is to mix a few drops of pure argan oil with your hair color mixture before application. This not only enhances the application process but also adds a layer of nourishment, leaving your hair vibrant and healthy post-coloring.

Does Argan Oil Change Hair Color?

While argan oil itself doesn’t change hair color, its unique properties can enhance the color’s vibrancy and longevity. The oil’s deep moisturizing capabilities can contribute to a more even color distribution, preventing fading and promoting a lustrous finish.

Does Argan Oil Make Hair Brown?

Argan oil doesn’t inherently make hair brown. However, when used as part of a hair care routine, it can enhance the richness of brown hair tones. The nourishing components in argan oil contribute to the overall health of the hair, providing a glossy sheen that beautifully complements brown hues.

What is the Color of Argan Oil?

Pure argan oil has a characteristic golden-yellow hue. This natural color is indicative of the oil’s authenticity and quality. When incorporated into hair care routines, argan oil leaves behind a subtle sheen, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the hair.

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Incorporating Argan Oil into Your Hair Color Routine

  1. Pre-Color Treatment: Mix a few drops of argan oil with your hair color mixture before application. This ensures even distribution and boosts hair health.

  2. Post-Color Nourishment: After coloring, apply a small amount of argan oil to damp hair. This helps lock in moisture and enhances the vibrancy of the color.

  3. Weekly Treatments: Integrate a weekly argan oil hair mask into your routine. This provides ongoing nourishment, contributing to color longevity and overall hair health.


The Argan oil hair color chart unveils the transformative potential of this liquid gold. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current color or maintain a vibrant new shade, incorporating argan oil into your hair care routine can be a game-changer. Embrace the golden touch of Morocco and let your hair radiate with health and brilliance.

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